Zoom In to a Portion of Your Computer Screen

Two ways to zoom in

zoomThere are two ways to zoom into an area of a web page using ScreenFlow:

  1. Callout as seen in this animated GIF.
  2. Scaling a portion of a larger video clip.


        • zoomIn the upper right-hand corner of ScreenFlow you see a number of icons. Select the Callout icon.
        • Then select the video clip you are

working on and click Action > OK.

  • The page will turn dark. Reduce the Opacity to somewhere around 10 to 14%.
  • zoom Select the Rectangle Callout and then draw a rectangle around the area you wish to Callout.
  • Move the Zoom Up button to reach the ideal size. 
  • Move the Build times to reflect how long you want to take to get it to the ideal size and how long to get back to regular size.

Video Scale

  • Decide on which area of your video you wish to zoom.
  • Right click and click on Split Clip in order to select that area.
  • You will be zooming into the area that is selected. I.e., it is the area surrounded by a yellow rectangle.
  • Click the video icon and then move the Scale icon over to the right. The selected area will expand.

Summary of these zoom instructions

To reinforce the instructions above, watch the video below.

Zoom sample with Annotations

You may be making videos or animated GIFs  for a tutorial. In such a case, it is often useful to highlight varying parts of your screen. To make sections zoom out like you see in the above animated GIF, follow these steps:

  1. Click Callout icon.
  2. Click Action > OK.
  3. Click Freehand radio button.
  4. Reduce Opacity to eleven and press Tab button.
  5. Move Zoom Up slider to an appropriate number.
  6. Move In Duration and Out Duration to make things smooth.
  7. Record your video and create your GIF.


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