MageNet for Passive Income from Your Websites

Advertising on your websites with MageNet

MageNetMageNet gives you a good opportunity to earn money from advertising on your websites.MageNet places ads on the websites at no cost to you (the publisher).

The ads will correspond to the content of each particular webpage. In addition to that, MageNet may place new related pages in your websites. You will get more pages and therefore more contextual ads.

How can I earn $1000 per month?

One of the main pages on MageNet has the quotation below. Click on the 23 doable ways link to learn more.

No need to scratch your head over the effective monetization. We’ve already gathered 23 doable ways to monetize your site & earn a decent $1,000/mo income online.

There are some people who earn way more than $1000 per month. These people have lots of different websites. These websites are set up in desirable categories. You want to share some valuable information and engage as many readers as possible.

Tips for getting & increasing your income

MageNetHave a sitemap on each website. Sitemaps are used to inform search engines about pages on their sites that are available for crawling. It lists web pages for a website. This is accompanied by other valuable information such as:

  • When it was last updated,
  • How often it usually changes, and
  • How important it is relative to other URLs in the site.

The sitemap in the above image was automatically created for this website by a Yoast SEO plugin. If you were to click on the page-sitemap.xml link in the image, you would find dozens of pages.

Make sure you get a free Yoast SEO plugin if you have a WordPress website.

MageNetInstall & activate the Website Monetization by MageNet WordPress plugin on each of your websites. It will place each new ad on your website automatically.

Have quality pages full of valuable information & useful images. Decide what kind of person will go to your website & aim at them. What kind of questions will that reader be wondering about?

Suggest answers to those questions in your brief (5 words or less) headings.

Install the Yoast SEO plugin and try to get a score as close to all green as possible. Then you will have a much higher quality web page.

3 points to help you increase your profits

  • Pick the most profitable site category and industry/audience/region combination to gear your domain and content towards;
  • Establish your presence in various local markets  — thinking global is a good thing, but acting local can be a lot more profitable;
  • Choosing the right niche and topical keywords should be paramount for you as a publisher. Especially with monetization in mind.

How to get started with MageNet

Go to this page, enter your name & email address and click on the Sign Up Free button.

MageNet Referral Program

Earn an additional $500 per month by suggesting to people that they make money from MageNet. If they sign up and start making money, MageNet will pay an additional 10% of what they make. That 10% will be yours.