Interesting Text to Keep Visitors Involved

Keep your visitors coming

To getinteresting text people to keep watching your videos, you should have as many interesting things as possible. That includes interesting text to keep the visitors coming to your channel.

interesting textFormatting & animating your interesting text

Before you start recording with ScreenFlow, you will format & animate your text using Keynote.

  • Type your text into a new Keynote slide,
  • Select the text to be altered,
  • Click on the Format button at the top of the Keynote panel.
  • Change font size, font colour & whatever else you want to change.
  • While you are in the learning process, experiment by clicking on the Build In, Action & Build Out buttons. Then click on Add an Effect to learn about the different Effects.
  • Experiment by adding Effects to images.
  • After you are satisfied, click the Play button and record with ScreenFlow.
    • After clicking Play, move your cursor to the right so that ScreenFlow does not record it.



Summary of section below

Watch this 3 minute video to get a visual overview of how to show parts of a photo through invisible letters.

Interesting text as images

ScreenFlow can also display your text using pictures within the letters. You would start by using a free program called GIMP. After opening GIMP, these are the steps to creating the mask:

        • Click File > Open > Select folder > Double click on image name > Convert
        • Make sure the background colour is the one you want for your mask.
        • Click File > New > OK to create a rectangle identical to the size of your image.
        • interesting textClick on the Text Tool icon.
        • Click on the Font Type icon and choose a font large enough to see the image beneath. (The font used

      interesting text

      here is Apple SD Gothic Neol Heavy.)

    • Click Text Tool again and type the word you want for your text.
    • Go down to the Font Size box again and choose numbers until you find the ideal size.
      • You may have to hit the tab button each time you choose a number.
    • Right click in the Layers panel and click Merge Down.
    • Right click in the Layers panel and click New Layer.
    • Make sure Transparency is selected in the Fill With window.
    • Click OK.
    • Right click in the Layers panel and click Merge Down.
    • Click the Fuzzy Select Tool.
    • After you click on each letter in your mask, press your Delete button.
      • Each letter becomes transparent.
    • Click File > Export As
    • Make sure the name & folder are correct.


  • Click Export > Export.

Now you are ready to make the animation with Keynote.

  • Drag your image onto a new Keynote slide.
  • Drag your mask with the transparent letters onto the image. Make sure the corners are lined up perfectly.
  • Click Animate > Action > Add a Move Effect.
  • Drag the end point over to the left so that the mask will move left.
    • Note carefully in this animated GIF how the end point was dragged over from left to right.
  • Drag the end point so that it is fitting perfectly over the image.
  • Drag the beginning point so that it is flush in front of the image.
  • Adjust the time for playing the animated GIF, save, start recording with ScreenFlow and click on Play.

Reverse feature

If you use the ScreenFlow reverse feature, you could end up with an animated GIF like the one here.