GIF, How to Make an Animated GIF

GIF, aka Animated GIF


Make you websites appear more professional by adding a GIF or two. The old expression says a picture is worth a thousand words. With this animation, your moving picture can be worth two thousand words.

Further down this page you have someone wanting to know why the GIF they just loaded is not moving. The text gives a bit of an explanation. Then the animation makes it completely obvious.

Below we explain how to make a GIF in about 7 simple steps. 


You start with a single video clip on your ScreenFlow timeline. Then you follow the simple instructions below.

7 steps


  1. In ScreenFlow, go to File > Export.
  2. Write your title,
  3. Decide on the folder that will hold your animation,
  4. Click Manual,
  5. Click Animated GIF,
  6. Choose size and
  7. Click Export.

Your animated GIF will now be on your desktop. Make sure that it is less than 10 MB in size.

If it is too large, reduce the time it takes to play. You may be able to delete some sections. Alternately, you may be able to click in the gear on the lower left (see animation) and reduce the time.


Below is a video explaining what we discussed above.


Adding variety

GIFAdd some variety to your animations using such things as reversing clips. For instance, the orange here originally fell off the boy’s head. It was reversed to make it look as though the girl had tossed it onto his head & it stayed there.

Problem: GIF not working on your website

If you make an animation, upload it onto your website and it does not work, there is likely a simple explanation. When you upload a GIF onto your website, it has to be full size. Simply scroll down and then click on Full Size and then Insert Into Page.


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