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Sources of free music

free musicIt is easy to find free music for YouTube videos. It’s provided by YouTube. But, if you use a platform such as Rumble, I recommend a source such as Uppbeat.

How to use Uppbeat

To get to the Uppbeat website, go to On the right you will have 2 columns of free music from which to choose, Trending or Latest Releases.

Click  on a Play button to hear the first few bars free musicand then go on to the next one. After you find one you like, click on the name and then the red Download button.

free musicThe MP3 file will be downloaded into your Downloads file. At the same time you will be given some text to use in your video as a courtesy to the musician.

Highlight the text next & use Cmd C to copy it into your clipboard. Later you will paste in onto a Keynote slide. Go to the final 10 seconds of the video accompanying this page. You will see how I used those song credits.

Important note about Uppbeat: You are allowed only 10 free downloads per month. So, do not download any song unless you are almost certain you will be utilizing it.

Preparing free music for use in video

One way to prepare your music for adding to the ScreenFlow Timeline is to record it with ScreenFlow.

Then you will get a line of audio waves that will play the music. Later you can copy & paste it into your new video.

Start by clicking the ScreenFlow icon and looking at Configure Recording. Make sure that Record Computer Audio has been checked. Click Record. Then click the Play button for the Uppbeat song you wish to record.

When you are finished, save the file, right click on the video clip to Detach Audio. Select the audio clip, Cmd C to copy it into your clipboard and Cmd V to paste it into your new video.

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