Callout to Expand a Smaller Portion of Your Screen

Helping you viewer follow your narrative

calloutUsing an action from the upper right-hand corner of your ScreenFlow screen, you can find a callout to enlarge portions of your screen. This can help your viewer understand your spoken word.

calloutAs you can see from the second animated gif, a callout can be used to

  • Highlight a portion of an image or
  • Follow a cursor as it moves around the screen.

Page summary

Watch the video below to watch of summary of what you will read on this page.

How to create a callout

Ncalloutote that a callout can be created within a video clip. However, it cannot go outside of the clip.

This is an image of six video clips on a ScreenFlow timeline. You cannot make an image expand beyond the border of a video clip. If you need the expanded image to be up longer, you will have to make a freeze frame and drag it out to the length of time you need.

Create a callout

    1. calloutMove the scrubber to the point you wish to start.
    2. Highlight that clip.
    3. Click the callout icon in the upper right-hand corner of ScreenFlow.
    4. Click Action > OK.
    5. Click Freehand radio button.
    6. I then double click the 75 beside Opacity. Then I press 1 > 1 > Tab key to change the opacity to 11%.

  1. You will see a window letting you create a rectangle or a circle. You move the slider to determine the size. Adjust according to what seems right for you. As you can
    see in the animated GIF here, it is possible to use both a circle and a rectangle at the same time.
  2. Experiment by clicking the Mouse Cursor radio button. Make circles of different sizes follow the cursor as it moves around your computer screen.

Homework using a callout

Pick a topic you have learned about so far in these tutorials. It could be ScreenFlow, Keynoteanimated GIFsreversing a videoGIMP or something related to these topics.

Using a video, explain what you learned. To help viewers understand what you are talking about, use plenty of callouts. Begin your video with an attractive title.

Upload your video to YouTube or Rumble. Note that you must upload an MP4 file to Rumble. (Use this animated GIF as a guide to help you make your MP4 files.)